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ONDemands business network

21 Dec 2020

OBN, Ondemands Business Network, a novel business/entrepreneurial model, is the first of its kind in the world. OND offers a plethora of innovative business opportunities using social media... ..view more


Regional listing

04 Dec 2020

The OND regional campaign for listing your product/service has commenced from Palarivattom, a vibrant business hub in Cochin. List your product/ service and experience the magic of new business... ..view more


OND Review-Thamburu boutique

14 Nov 2020

OND, the platform gives effective support to all businesses entrust us, some are learning, some are implementing. While studying a model of success, it becomes inspirable to others. Paving the way of... ..view more


OND is registered

13 Nov 2020

The Trademark registration of OND has been successfully done. We, after the Beta launch, have already released more than 100 businesses in the OND platform. The testimonials we... ..view more


Best of Listing

23 Aug 2020

ONDemands, the most vibrant internet business platform unlimited has the immense pleasure to introduce an innovative concept, titled “Best of Listing”, which meaningfully focuses on the... ..view more