OND work flow

This is an engine developed lite enough to enable a maiden startup to grow their business at ease. An ordinary individual with no technical expertise can penetrate the market with his business transactions at almost negligible cost.

The preface, our digital identity is dynamically created potential enough to upload the entire details of your business.

Image management, SEO, cloak, link manager, offers, deal management, point management, sales management, product management, analytics, recharge, ppt manager, social interaction, template management, etc.can easily be managed from this platform.

Ondemands is a hub of many applications. Complicated issues can be easily handled with ondemands.

Two types of clientele are offered by OND. , professional and public. The public can promote professionals and obtain points from professional in return. These points acquired can be used in three ways; participate in a lucky draw with less than 100 points, make purchases for points upto1000 and for above1000 points it can be withdrawn through career vallet.

Business dynamics get redesigned and reorganised as per the demands of the time and hence further modifications and updations will continue to be added. Hence established businesses as well as start ups can scale up their business and take graf to the next level using ondemands.


Ondemands is an engine to boost your business besides being a platform for Branding, Marketing, Promotion and Sales. A technology called preface is also introduced in this environment.

As programmed in preface the gateways display the contents of each with a facility to share the same with the public in all social media and platforms including ondconnect. The preface of the user can be accessed in all search engines without accessing ondemands.

You have more than hundred gateways readily available to make your search easier.

Every gateway is custom designd to suit your requirement. Hence its easier to route your search for regional products through these gateways.
We recommend an ondpreface for promoting your business despite your own website.

Its to be specifically mentioned that the website model we have presented as ondpreface is dynamic and can be managed without an external support. It might, at firstsight be like any other website, but this is a part of ONDengine.


Our standards are set on proved benchmarks in the respective field and try to maintain them. Any changes in the benchmarks will be notified to the key partners and also will be announced in our official website.