The different provisions to upload images of different sizes in ONDemands are designed with specific purposes. Hence uploading unauthentic images may affect quality causing rejection from SEO
Hence ensure your images conform to the standards set.

1. Ensure that there is no copyright violation.

2. Upload images of standard size.

3. Avoid any kind of misleading.

4. Delete unnecessary images. For e.g. images of expired events.

5. Create content of your product or services that can be easily understood but different.

6. Your file management is very important as it leads a searcher to your product directly for your file name includes search optimisation. Misleading files will have negative impact on optimisation distancing you from effective search. Remember to include your product, name of the organisation, product title etc in the file name. Your image must be clearly related to your product to avoid misleading.

7. Avoid duplication

8. Pay attention to creativity.

9. Keep images simple as it creates the first impression.

10. Maintain uniformity in images of your organisation that will help to brand your product/service.

11. Ondemands strongly prohibits smoking, gambling,Blasting and dating and any post with any relation to the same will cause the preface to be disabled and inactive. Therefore ensure that there is no violation of community or social norms.
12. Illicit and improper posts will be removed without any reference.

13. The public is given the opportunity to report every deal. Hence OND will always take pains to protect you positively. 

14. Consistent and frequent removal of posts will cause default suspension of your preface.

15. Your preface is limited to 1 GB. Additional space for excess usage  over the available  space will have to be purchased. Hence strictly avoid unnecessary posts and images to save money and maintain quality.