Though easy to join OND availability of all business options is subject to certain regulations. OND business functions are pretty elaborate. Hence they are made available only to serious customers as per their requirement.



Basically ond is a self manageable business engine and a platform to develop your business depending on your drive.
The preface in ond is a digital identiti tantamount to a website which you can optimise(SEO) yourselves to establish yourself.

A preface can be easily acquired. But a deal can be opened only if your KYC is approved by a partner manager. Hence the address proof of your establishment, aadhar card or license are mandatory for the same.

You will get six space for your deal in a year. But the content area must be complete including design for this to be enabled. Validation of the above is a condition for the deal option to be open.

It's not the deal space that is payable but  the suport for the business traffic through the deal space. It's therefore to be understood that any kind of community policy violation in your deal will entail deal cancellation. In such cases you may contact the support centre.

Your preface stands to automatic cancellation after one year unless renewed. Please note, there might be minor price changes .

Ondemands as a platform for business provides facilities like whole sale, retail, service quote, meeting , reservation, e-commerce, e-exhibition, etc. Hence a business man with a vision can easily develop his business in a reasonable span of time.